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Seminar on Automotive Embedded Systems Unveiled!

The successful completion of a Seminar on Automotive Embedded Systems at Singhgad Institute marked a significant accomplishment for NEUAI LABS. The enlightening event catered to the curiosity of aspiring engineering minds, focusing on Electronics and Telecommunication (ENTC), Electrical, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Electronics Engineering students. Through insightful sessions, industry experts unraveled the intricacies of automotive embedded systems, bridging theory and application. The engaged audience gained valuable insights, aligning theory with real-world scenarios. This dynamic exchange promises to empower students, opening doors to innovative career paths. NEUAI LABS is proud to contribute to the academic and professional growth of future automotive technologists.

Gear Up for Our Automotive Embedded System Training Selection Drive!

Exciting news for all aspiring engineering minds! NEUAI LABS is hosting a selection drive for our Automotive Embedded System Training Program at Singhgad Institute, and we’re inviting students from various colleges to participate.

Are you studying Electronics and Telecommunication (ENTC), Electrical, Computer Science, Information Technology, or Electronics Engineering? If yes, you’re the perfect fit for this program! Mark your calendars for the selection drive on 3rd October 2023. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to kickstart your career in the dynamic field of automotive embedded systems. To secure your spot, register now! Seats are limited, and this program promises to be a game-changer for your future.

Join us in shaping the future of automotive technology. Register today and take the first step towards an exciting and rewarding career!

Training Program Selection Drive Achieved Remarkable Success!

NEUAI LABS proudly accomplished a successful Training Program Selection Drive at Singhgad Institute, drawing enthusiastic participation from students representing diverse colleges. Our expert panel was impressed by the caliber of the candidates, making the selection process both challenging and exciting. It was a platform where aspiring engineering minds could seize the opportunity to embark on a transformative journey into the realm of automotive embedded systems. The selection drive was a testament to NEUAI LABS’ commitment to nurturing talent and fostering innovation in the automotive technology sector, with promising individuals now poised for exciting career prospects.

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to the all talented students who have been selected to join NEUAI LABS’ prestigious Automotive Embedded Systems Training Program! Their journey with us marks a significant step towards a promising career in this cutting-edge field.

This program, hosted at the renowned Singhgad Institute, has brought together a diverse group of 300 students from various colleges, and we are delighted to have chosen them to be part of this select group. The competition was fierce, and the selection is a testament to their potential and dedication.

Over the coming weeks, they will embark on an exciting and educational journey, learning from industry experts, engaging in hands-on projects, and gaining valuable insights into the world of automotive embedded systems. We encourage them to make the most of this opportunity, ask questions, collaborate with their peers, and soak up as much knowledge as they can.

Once again congratulations to them on their selection! We look forward to witnessing their growth and success throughout this program. Together, we will drive innovation and shape the future of automotive technology.